Outreach Program

The Women’s Circuit is in the community raising the awareness of women in technology.  We are contacted by organizations, school and partners with speaking, judging and volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in these opportunities, please let us know.

Guidelines for Volunteer Speakers

Following is a set of guidelines for volunteer speakers. Please be sure to include your experience/ resume, and a short biography of your skill sets. If you have attended any local or regional schools/universities, it is useful for TWC to have that on file for future reference. All speakers will be qualified through TWC’s Outreach Committee.

  1. Please be on-time. Arrive about 15 minutes prior to your presentation. Make sure to follow school and classroom protocols. For example, schools may require visitors to sign-in and may restrict the allowance of certain materials due to safety. Please be prepared. Meet or talk with the teacher prior to doing a classroom presentation. Be aware of your time-allowance and stick to it by preparing your presentation. Make sure to allow time for questions. Ask the teacher to provide you with some examples of what the students have been working on. Make sure you communicate the information appropriately for their age level. The subject material should relate to their curriculum level.
  2. Please explain thoroughly, and use appropriate language.


Guidelines and Request Form

To ensure that the students gain the most from your Outreach Session with a TWC Speaker(s). TWC uses this information to assist us in partnering you with the most qualified speaking candidate. If you have specific requests for an individual (eg. requesting a speaker that graduated from your school/university), please be sure to include this information as well.

  1. It might be helpful to meet with your volunteer prior to their visit. However, if this is not possible, speaking with your volunteer prior to the visit is essential to help them be prepared. Please provide the volunteer speaker with curriculum information so they can align their presentation with the students’ current studies. Don’t hesitate to tell them what you expect them to cover and what materials may or may not be appropriate. It’s useful to prepare your students for the visit. Provide them some background on what the volunteer speaker will be talking about and have them prepare questions ahead of time. Give those questions to the volunteer so they can be prepared to answer them. Please provide the volunteer speaker with basic school and classroom rules. Help the volunteer prepare for the age level/grade level by giving them some background on skills, learning styles, etc.
  2. Please do your best to introduce the volunteer in an appropriate time-slot. Often times the volunteer speaker has rearranged their schedule to accommodate the class, and might have obligations to tend to following the close of the engagement.

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