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  1. Erin Schreyer Says:


    I met Sue recently, and am anxious to join the Women’s Circuit and get plugged in. Let me know how I can determine what volunteer opportunities I can take to help further the mission of the organization. I’m also interested in being part of the Outreach Program.

    I’m looking forward to being involved. My check is in the mail this evening (REALLY!!) 😉

    Erin Schreyer

  2. Mary S. Falls Says:


    Welcome aboard! On behalf of the Membership Committee, we’re glad to have you! It’s also a personal pleasure to know that we’ve rubbed elbows at BizWomen! This is a great organization with wonderful members. Thanks for joining us and helping make a difference!

    Mary S. Falls

  3. Brad Clark Says:

    Wanted to get the current schedule as well as become a member. Sent an email to membership and it bounced back suggesting the mailbox is full of the account for membership have been removed. Please advise.

    Brad Clark

  4. Nancy Garn Says:

    A friend of mine told me about your wonderful website, however, this was concerning upcoming scholarship for Fall information Could someone please give me some advice?
    Thanks bunches!
    Nancy Garn

  5. Nancy Garn Says:

    My daughter is planning to attend Ohio State University beginning in the Fall of 2010. I wonder if you could help me with any valuable information concerning any upcoming scholarships!
    Thanks bunches!
    Nancy Garn

    • thewomenscircuit Says:

      Scholarships are given out on the Spring. I encourage you and your daughter to participate in the upcoming event for her to make industry contacts and support the organization. We look forward to her applying for a scholarship in the Spring

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