Cincinnati Women Bloggers


As the blogosphere evolves and redefines itself, questions of what’s ok and what’s not ok are bound to pop up. Join us at 10am on Saturday, September 26th and get all your questions – and ones you didn’t even know you should be asking – answered by leading area experts.
Featured speakers:
Dennis Hetzel is the Manager for Cincinnati-based Enquirer Media. 
Stacy Cole is a practicing attorney with Graydon, Head & Ritchey, LLP  
The 2009 Kentucky Bar Association Convention held in Northern Kentucky this past June was host to this discussion originally. It is clear these are hot topics in very changing times and you won’t want to miss it. A presentation will be done by our experts with ample time for Q&A following. So if you’re wondering like the rest of us about topics like disclosure and sourcing and accepting money for reviews and proper use of…well, you get the idea…make time in your schedule for this very informative CWB offering.


Registration for this Saturday’s CWB meeting on Blogging and the Law is now open at Eventbrite


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