Women, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Law

From Emile Loza, please contact her directly:  emile.loza@gmail.com. 

I am writing a book on how women in technology and other fields of innovation plan for and engage in entrepreneurship and how the law and economic policy initatives in the United States foster or should foster women in their leadership roles in innovation-driven entrepreneurial ventures, large and small.

I have also been invited to publish an article on this critical subject in the Pepperdine Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Law. Both projects are well underway.

I welcome invitations to connect with women and men who share my passion for promoting women in innovation and entrepreneurship and for raising the visibility, study, and discussion of this vital topic.


One Response to “Women, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Law”

  1. Emile Says:

    My thanks to Suzanne LaChapelle and The Women’s Circuit for posting this Web blog.

    I look forward to connecting with members of The Circuit and to continuing in your group’s excellent tradition of advancing women in business ownership and entrepreneurship.

    Best regards,
    Emile Loza, JD, MBA, CLP
    Technology Law Group

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